Coffee Shops near me in Lake Worth

Coffee Shops - Coworking Office SpaceCoffee Shops, Cafes, and Coffeehouses are some of the most actively used venues by entrepreneurs looking for workspace. Some coffee shops are even installing conference rooms within their locations. While some coffee shops have begun to cover their power outlets to dissuade the laptop cyber squatter from camping out all day. What we have envisioned is a hybrid of coffee shop and coworking space in the future. A place where the public has full access to the cafe area and the members of the coworking space have a separate area that they pay a membership to use as workspace. This keeps the cafe social and the coworking space as a dedicated workspace.

Do you have a favorite coffee shop that you frequent? If you do, please remember to patronage these venues during off peak hours and avoid the cyber squatter rep that many are receiving.

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12 S J St, Lake Worth, FL 33460

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