Coworking near me in Lake Worth

Coworking - Coworking Office SpaceCoworking spaces offer a community environment as a workspace. Let us help you find the best space to fit your coworking requirements. The past decade has changed the way people work. The workspaces of the past are not the same workspaces that the startup and the entrepreneurs that create them are looking for. An isolated office in the back of a building without windows is not the ideal place for creativity for many. It is for some, but not the majority in the high growth tech industry.

What is the ideal coworking space that you can imagine in your mind? Now let’s try to match that up with one of the many new coworking spaces already created. If none of these venues fit your needs, well have you thought about opening one?

Share your favorite coworking spaces nearby and review those that you have visited!

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512 Lucerne Ave, Lake Worth, FL 33460

Social House Is The Closest Coworking Space Near Me In Lake Worth, Florida! We’re a mixed-use and design-focused venue located on Lucerne Avenue in the heart of funky, artsy downtown Lake Worth. It’s part studio/work/meet space, part event venue – and at our core, we’re an eclectic group of creatives trying to do something a little differently. The Space We are primarily a creative coworking space, providing work, studio and meeting rooms for solo entrepreneurs, small businesses and flexible workers in creative industries. Memberships start at $75 per month; more info here. We also host parties, company events, intimate weddings and other social celebrations with a guest list of 2 to 150. Our rooms are cozy and sophisticated, designed with a clean, timeless aesthetic and an indoor/outdoor flow. Read more…